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School Furniture
Conditioned timber is treated chemically to protect
it against fungus, termites, borers etc.,
The moisture content of the wood is reduced under
carefully monitored temperature and humidity
conditions, making it strong and stable.
Raavela Doors & Decors is spread over a sprawling 8,000 Sq. Mts. with a built-up area of about 4,000 Sq.Mtr. The wide range of machines installed include
  Horizontal Band Saw
 3 Nos. Vertical Band Saws
 Surface & Thickness planning machines
 Chain Mortisers
 Tenoning Machine
 Spindle Moulders
 Peeling Lathe
 Vac-Pre Treatment Plant
 Finger Joining Machine
 Circular Saws
 Multiple Rip Saws
 Veneer Drier
 Series of Seasoning Kilns
 Veneer Guillotine
 Glue Mixer
 Glue Spreader
 Hydraulic Press
 Double Dimensional Saw
 Belt Sander
 R & D Laboratory
Perhaps, Raavela is one of the best equipped Integrated Wood Working Units in South India.
Fresh timber logs are peeled into Core Veneer of
desired thickness.
Standard doors are made to exact dimensions
using the hot Press process, giving them a
permanent bond and uniform thickness.
Our Ten Commandments

 Selecting the best Quality Hard and Semi hard wood species as per IS: 2202 (Part–I).
 Treating all non-durable timber as per IS: 401 to ensure protection against various types of biological     deterioration.
 Drying as per IS: 1141 to bring down moisture content to around 6% for better bonding and dimensional     stability.
 Stripping the planks with sophisticated Multiple Rip Saw using well-doctored saws for accuracy and finish.
 Applying Resin through a 4 Cylinder Glue Spreader to ensure a uniform spread.
 Pressing at high temperatures of 150 degrees C (300 degrees F) under uniform pressure.
 Using D / D Saw for cutting all the four sides without chipping.
 Finishing with Belt Sander for achieving a smooth even surface.
 Carrying out Quality checks at every stage of the manufacturing process using sophisticated instruments.
 Making full use of the R & D Lab to create the “Best Product”.
Product Range
       Flush Doors
           Decorative Veneer
           Moulded HDF Skin
           Moulded HDF Veneer Skin
           PVC Membrane
           Phenolic Film Coated
       Panel Doors
       Window Shutters
       Engineered Door & Window Frames
           Boiling Water Resistant
           Boiling Water Proof
           Marine Grade
All Veneers are essentially dried to about 6% MC
through a 3 deck-4 stage sophisticated Veneer Drier.
R & D Lab
The R & D Laboratory is equipped with state-of-the art machinery to carry out advanced research activities. Aimed to provide the customers with best wood based products.
R & D
In -house R & D division works towards improving
the quality of the products.
Raavela's factory is built on 8,000 Sq mtr., of land
with a built-up area of about 4,000 Sq mtr.
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